Hydraulic cranes, custom made is our standard

Standard lifting crane not good enough?
SIOS Cranes makes your hydraulic crane custimized
SIOS Cranes implements the custom crane from step A to Z
Every necessary step will be taken care off by experienced professionals
Standard telescopic cranes too much?
Have flexibility with a special ship crane
Onshore & Offshore Cranes
Your onshore or offshore crane customized

Custom Crane Services

Our custom crane services are provided to increase the quality and features of
the standard hydraulic cranes mainly used at transportation and construction companies.
This to improve the workers ability to manage all tasks and orders more
quickly and efficiently, which ultimately leads to more profits by saving time.

About SIOS Cranes BV

SIOS Cranes BV

SIOS is the abbreviation for Special Is Our Standard. A young company founded at the beginning of 2014 in order to give continuity to the delivery of special customized crane systems.

Affiliated to the MetalUnion

Metal Union - the organization for SMEs in the metal. logo_metaalunie

Stationary cranes

  1. Stationary cranes for the handling of waste, to be used by waste management companies;
  2. Stationary cranes which can be used for the processing of materials such as aluminum;
  3. Stationary cranes to be placed on ships and in ports;

Hydraulic cranes

  1. Hydraulic cranes in an ATEX environment, both stationary as on vehicles;
  2. Hydraulic cranes in combination with hydraulic hoists;
  3. Customer-specific applications in the field of operating systems.

Project portfolio

  • Semi-automatic crane control

Operation procedure:

  1. Container to be lifted by using the crane that has already been equipped with a vertical lifting system.
  2. Semi-automatic device to be switched on after getting the container above the ground, as a result of which the crane boom is brought above the press container by using one lever. The user only has to operate the rotator and to observe that everything is going all right.
  3. Now the container can be emptied after this step.
  4. The lever can be moved to the opposite side now, to bring the container to the start position. The position can differ slightly due to the weight difference.
  5. The container can now be lowered to its undergrounds position by using the standard crane remote control.

ATS München Germany


Semi-automatic crane control
  • HMF-ODIN K4 crane with JIB F2000 mounted on a truck

A torsion free sub frame is developed, produced and assembled on which the crane is mounted. The crane installation is tested with fully crane capacity mounted on the rear side of a DAF -FAX CF460 truck.

In cooperation with Freddy Pertien kraan en hoogwerker verhuur Slochteren.

HMF-ODIN K4 crane with JIB F2000 mounted on a truck
  • A movable frame and lifting fork mechanism
  • A movable frame and lifting fork mechanism

The development of a lifting mechanism to install facade plating. This with the objective of applying concrete elements to a building under construction. Existing hoisting or lifting installations cannot perform the work due to the geometry of the building. With this lifting mechanism, 28 concrete elements with a variation in weight and dimensions between 1 to 5 tons and 1 to 5 meters have been applied to the facade of the building.

In cooperation with Freddy Pertien kraan en hoogwerker verhuur Slochteren.



Feedback customer

The collaboration with SIOS was excellent and could not have been better, with a desired end-result to be able to do the work.
A movable frame and lifting fork mechanism
  • A crane-personal basket combination mounted on a ship
  • A crane-personal basket combination mounted on a ship
  • A crane-personal basket combination mounted on a ship

A combination of a 340M/4S EFFER crane with an Ormet personal basket type 2MF-DS5 mounted on the ship ‘Thomas van Seerat’ of the province of Groningen with TUV certification.

In cooperation with the Maintenance and Equipment Department of the province of Groningen, TUV Netherlands, HIAB Bedum and SIOS BV.



Feedback customer

As an equipment manager and client, I am very pleased with the cooperation with SIOS BV.

SIOS BV. was main contractor and I have been taken seriously as a customer. 

All in all, it was a difficult project because a fixed crane on a work vessel had never been certified as a platform before. With their knowledge and skills, SIOS BV. has successfully completed this high-tech project within the available budget.


Peter Doornbosch


Bureau Onderhoud en Materieel

A crane-personal basket combination mounted on a ship


  • Young and Dynamics company with a lot of experience in the field of cranes
  • Flat organization where the customer is the customer
  • Very short communication lines
  • Mentality of 24/7/365
  • We do what we promise and we promise what we can do

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