Custom Crane Services

Our custom crane services are provided to increase the quality and features of the standard hydraulic cranes mainly used at transportation and construction companies. This to improve the workers ability to manage all tasks and orders more quickly and efficiently, which ultimately leads to more profits by saving time.

Custom crane services tailored to transportation and construction companies

Our custom crane services are provided to increase the quality and features of the standard hydraulic cranes mainly used at transportation and construction companies. This to improve the workers ability to manage all tasks and orders more quickly and efficiently, which ultimately leads to more profits by saving time.

The custom cranes we offer are hydraulic, telescopic lifting cranes. We sometimes use different annotations of describing the custom made cranes, but they are the same type of crane. So telescopic cranes, hydraulic cranes, lifting cranes are the same type of crane SIOS Cranes BV offers.

SIOS Cranes BV has more than 25 years of experience in the development of custom cranes in different environments.

Who we work with

We work with consultants who:

  • Have challenging environments
  • Need more flexibility in the lifting cranes
  • Would like more features to the hydraulic cranes
  • Need a professional customer service with the ability to travel on location
  • Need a company with applied knowledge based upon experience, which knows what they are talking about and to translate it into a customized crane meeting the wishes and demands of the customer

SIOS Cranes would like to help all customers that need a little more than a standard lifting crane. Most of our customers need a custom made hydraulic crane in a challenging environment in which the needs of the telescopic cranes are flexibility, caution in operations and easily maintained and stored.

The environments in which the custom hydraulic cranes can be installed are onshore and offshore, on ships or in ports, stationary as on trucks, and more!

 What you’ll get

Our customers receive:

  • A customized crane meeting the needs and wishes of the customer which leads to a more feature-rich hydraulic crane
  • A quality crane for a very good price
  • The perfect crane in a perfect environment, with  the possibility of an ATEX certification
  • 24/7/365 service

SIOS Cranes BV has experience in a wide range of different crane types, here are some examples:

  • Stationary cranes for the handling of waste, to be used by waste management companies;
  • Stationary cranes which can be used for the processing of materials such as aluminium;
  • Stationary cranes to be placed on ships and in ports;
  • Hydraulic cranes in an ATEX environment, both stationary as on vehicles;
  • Hydraulic cranes in combination with hydraulic hoists;
  • Customer-specific applications in the field of operating systems;

And more! For more information about our custom crane services please feel free to contact us. For examples please visit our project portfolio.

SIOS Cranes BV can build your desired crane completely to your wishes and demands of how the crane should function at the specific environment of your company.

It does not matter to us if your company needs one or a hundred custom made cranes, SIOS Cranes BV will meet your needs with proper planning and distribution.

How it works

The get started, we first need information about the environment in which the crane has to function. That way we can make an inventory of the challenges of the crane by use-cases. Often the customer already has some wishes and demands, whereby we give free advice, finally everything will come together and will be translated into the most beneficial product offer for your company.

We try to plan up to 2 months ahead, but often we are flexible if the urgency is high. We offer different kind of cranes and price ranges depending on the desires and wishes of the customer.

To our offers are no strings attached, so contact us freely and maybe we can boost your company to the next level in crane operations!

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