A approved crane-personal basket combination mounted on a ship to perform among others maintenance work on the infrastructure in the province of Groningen.

A combination of a 340M/4S EFFER crane with an Ormet personal basket type 2MF-DS5 mounted on the ship ‘Thomas van Seerat’ of the province of Groningen with TUV certification.

In cooperation with the Maintenance and Equipment Department of the province of Groningen, TUV Netherlands, HIAB Bedum and SIOS BV.



Feedback customer

As an equipment manager and client, I am very pleased with the cooperation with SIOS BV.

SIOS BV. was main contractor and I have been taken seriously as a customer. 

All in all, it was a difficult project because a fixed crane on a work vessel had never been certified as a platform before. With their knowledge and skills, SIOS BV. has successfully completed this high-tech project within the available budget.


Peter Doornbosch


Bureau Onderhoud en Materieel

A crane-personal basket combination mounted on a ship

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