Three cranes, type HIAB 477+JIB for a costumer from Japan

For a costumer from Japan:

Three cranes, type HIAB 477+JIB, including:

  • HIAB 477+JIB;
  • Assembled behind the cabin of five axle Mercedes vehicle;
  • Kinshofer manipulator;
  • HBC remote;
  • IQAN operating system;
  • vacuum system

Main objective of this crane installation is to transport solar panels, 20 in total, each up to a length of approximately 11.5 meters and place them on roofs. This is done by using a one button on the remote control. The decision to use this remote control has several reasons: the lack of labor, efficiency improvements, safety and ease of operation. The installation has an accuracy of half a meter, Multi functional, semi-automatically operated crane.

Solar panel crane Japan

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